Sick Sebby || Sebandler

Sebastian curled over the sink in his bathroom, washing his mouth out. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep that chicken noodle soup down.

He raised his head and looked in the mirror, wincing at his appearance. He looked pale and there were dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. He coughed roughly into his hands a few times, sniffing before washing them in the sink. Sebastian pressed a damp towel to his face, feeling his on and off fever coming back again. He sniffed and pushed his messy hair out of his face only for his bangs to fall back over his forehead.

The antibiotics were making things a little bit easier although they also made him feel disoriented. He trudged back to his bedroom, wishing he could just get up and curl up on the couch in the living room to watch movies. Unfortunately, there was a seven year-old with a much weaker immune system living in the apartment, so Sebastian couldn’t afford to leave the apartment.

He collapsed back onto the bed, still feeling hot and congested. His eyes closed and he pulled his t-shirt off over his head to try and relieve some of the heat. As soon as he lied back down, a sudden chill came over him and he shivered. He grabbed the throw Chandler left for him and wrapped it around himself before licking his lips. “Chandler!” he called in a raspy voice. “Where’s my teaaaa?” he complained.

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